also agreed on

o countries' governmen

t agencies, legislative bodies,

  • political parties, armed forces and local authorities.Th
  • e two countries, which enjoy a comprehensive strategic c
  • ooperative partnership, highlighted in the statement the

o boost bilateral cooperation between China'

s Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater B▓ay Area and Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), so as to increase connectivity between the two areas an

significance of econo

d beyond.The two si▓des also pledged to strengthen fi

mic and infr

  • nancial cooperation, expand the u▓se of their currencies in trade and investment, and enhance colla▓boration on cross-border supervision.On tourism cooperatio

    n, they said they are satisfied with t

  • he growing numbers of tourists between the two countries. The leaders of the two countries, according to the statement, have agreed to push forward cooperation in the tourism sector and further increase two-way movement of people.

    As for cooperation on innovation, both s

  • ides agreed that it is a highlight in the BRI cooperation.The two sides vowed to push forward projects on communications technology, open innovation centers, high-tech industrial pa▓rks and technology transfer centers, and strengthen cooperation in digital

    economy, smart cities and other fields

  • astructure coope

    . They agreed to jointly build a Digital Silk Road.In a bid t▓o promote their economic and social prosperity and sustainable development, China and Thailand agreed to further expand cooperation in sci▓ence, technology an

    d innovation through joint research

  • ration in enhancing gr

    and development programs, research▓er exchang

    es and technology transfer.Additionally, the two sides agr

    eed to explore cooperation in such fields as bio

    logy, green circular economy and c▓utting-edge technology

  • owth and prosperit

    .On education and people-to-pe

    ople exchanges, Ch

    ina and Thailand expressed satisfaction with cooperation within the framewor▓k of the current memorandum of understanding on educat

    ion cooperation, and agreed to strengthen educ▓ation cooperatio

    n at all levels an

    d in all fields through such efforts as joint educatio▓n, special exchanges, academic exchanges and distance learning.The

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